April 05

Hire a Vet via Hire Heroes USA!

Hire Heroes USAs Job Board is a great way for employers to get connected with military members, veterans and military spouses. Nearly 7,000 job-ready, geographically-dispersed veterans and military spouses have resumes in our job board database.Hire Heroes USA offers job posting packages and recruiter packages at varying price points. All packages come with unlimited access […]

April 02

New District Brewing Company, Bring Your Dog and Kids!!

via Our Story – New District Brewing Company Breweries can be a cash machine; solely to turn a buck. I have been lucky to avoid those places. I stumbled upon the New District Brewing while looking for a local place to review and found a real craft brewery with brewing in mind. First off parking […]

March 31

I started volunteering.  Volunteering with a Veteran organization that has one mission; get our Veterans hired.  How did I get here? I have been looking for a volunteer position for a long time.  I looked at myself and tried to figure out what I am really good at.  Well, getting a job (as evidenced in […]

March 18

Reinvention after twenty + years. How?

I went to pick my daughter up from after school karate one day. After parking and braving the coldest day of the year to get inside, I was met by one of the young staff. We sparked up a light conversation while I waited for my daughter to switch out of her uniform. As we […]

March 17

Yelp Elite 2017! Beer and the Beltway is on the Map!

I’ve been knocking out Yelp reviews, posting pics, and checking-in in tons of places the past few years.  When I started this page I decided to go full tilt on my Yelp reviews.  I was selected as a Yelp Elite this year. What is a Yelp Elite?  The Yelp site states “The Yelp Elite Squad […]

March 14

Do you shoot rabbits? A Border Story

I started my law enforcement career in January 2000 on the border of the United States and Mexico in San Diego as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. I remember tracking three individuals, two large sneakers and a small set of sneakers. I followed them through the mountains for about four hours. What made me find […]

January 07

Short Story: Heroes in the Front of Us.

I always hear that adage that a veteran took out a contract, at one point in their life, and wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including their life.” True, they did, but there is more behind this. We (veterans) took out a […]

January 05

The Yards. On the Road to Philly

  Beer and the Beltway (me) took a road trip to our Nation’s birthplace and decided to check out the craft beer scene. This trip was an eye opener to what Philly had to offer and the only real offering for this trip was the Yards. This was a short trip. Sightseeing plans were made. […]

December 30

Philadelphia Freedom Part I

Took a trip this past week after Christmas to visit Philly, not to just experience the craft brews but to experience history.   For some reason, veterans seem to have a tough time with the holidays. Is it because we miss the family we had overseas that spent many of holidays with us or is it […]