October 28


Why not have my first post about beer.  Backstory…I was thirteen, weeknight High School basketball game in Northwest New Jersey.  A night that started it all, the first night I had a drink of beer.  A Budweiser (instant headache nowadays).

Flash forward thirty years later and I have newfound excitement for beer.  I discovered the 90 Minute IPA  by Dogfish Head(www.dogfish.com). I’ve been drinking beer for a bit and really dig this newfound love of India Pale Ales (IPA).  Why drink a 3.2 percent domestic when you can have a 9 percent bottle of happiness.



The Beltway…..must tie every post to the Beltway.  I’ve been to a couple Snallygaster Beer Fests over the past few years.  Lots o lots of hipsters but good beer.  Go if you are young and want to impress your cohorts.

A game changer for me was putting some cash into a kickstarter campaign several years ago for Forge Brew Works (http://forgebrewworks.com), a NOVA brewery with incredible beer.  Forge Brew invited me to pour beer for them at the first Barrel & Bushel Annual Virginia Craft Beer Festival.  It was an eye opener…the craft beer community is tight nit and open to helping each other.

I plan to follow up my posts with more beer stories, Army stories, working for the Fed, etc.

Note:  Drink in moderation and get an UBER!