December 18

Mad Fox Brew Pub Falls Church

Mad Fox’s Falls Church location is a true brew pub. They not only brew some great beer but also offer a sit-down restaurant with a full menu of pub fare. When you first enter the brew pub you will notice the large steel brewing equipment; you know what that means…craft BEER made on site!!!

The staff is great. I asked for a seat in a booth next to the window near the bar; this would give me an opportunity to “drink” in the atmosphere of the pub as well. Rule 1 of going anywhere with eats; don’t be starving. I ordered the pretzel with cheese & mustard and a Mad Fox hamburger with fries. Yeah, talk about carb loading. And yes, it was great grub!!

Now for the fun part…BEER. Did I say how much I love writing BEER in all caps? Mad Fox offers a great selection other than Double IPA’s. For the pumpkin/fall fest types they offer the Stingy Jack Pumpkin Saison, described as a “Fall pumpkin ale made with 250lbs of pumpkins and lightly spiced with our house pumpkin pie blend”. This sounds perfect for those Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers!

I ordered the Molotov Hoptail Double IPA (9.5% ABV) described as a “big, bold, hoppy beer showcasing 100% Simcoe hops balanced by a strong malt backbone and dry finish”. The server was out and back in no time at all. The D IPA was smooth (soft), real balanced, no bite (or acidic), and was much refreshing after a long day.

This wasn’t my first visit to Mad Fox in Falls Church and definitely will not be my last. I have never had a skunky or arifical tasting beer there and I do not foresee that ever happening. Mad Fox is great for beers with friends or bring your kids (even babies and they have a kids menu). Tuesday is the day for growlers at half-off fills. I brought mine with and filled with the Molotov Hoptail (even paid full price!).

*My server was Chase. Real friendly and deserves a shout out. Fast service and readily available for any questions I had about the brew on tap.