December 18

Old Ox Brewery

You know what I love about checking out a new brewery? Instantly feeling at home in a warm atmosphere and greeted by a friendly staff. As with the modern age norm, the Old Ox Brewery is in a warehouse location. What you get is a storefront location with a brew house in the back.

As you walk into the brewery you notice tables set up, a place to sell their wares, and a bar top. The bar is for serving, not sitting. There are plenty of tables up front but the real drinking and entertainment is passed the bar in the open bay.

This time I was on a mission; Double IPA. As I checked out what was on draft I noticed the Hoppier Place, their double India pale ale @ 8.1% (ABV). Zeroed in, I was (Yoda speak). Next choice was size; snifter for $7 or half for $5; easy choice…snifter. My pal and I grabbed our IPA’s and went to the open bay.

The bay is open, think a real warehouse, with tables and plenty of old school worn-in couches abound. There was plenty of places to sit even with a huge section reserved for Nova; Nova, hmmm.
As an Army veteran, the first thing I noticed was the Army-Navy game broadcasting on a large white screen on the wall. Army was up and then…they won!!! Hooah! This broadcast, coupled with the large American flags adorning the posts, made me feel like I was in America.

Now the beer; one word…SMOOTH. This was the smoothest Double IPA I’ve ever had. No bite, just a real great tasting brew. And by smooth, I couldn’t stop drinking it until I had four of them in me. I highly recommend it and if I didn’t have plans for the rest of the night I would have picked up a growler (or 2).

I checked in via Facebook and instantly had a message from a friend to try the Black Ox Rye Porter. The brew staff were their usual friendly self and let me try it without charge. Wow, another smooth draft.

As we were sitting and drinking we noticed a metric ton of cupcakes coming in and being set up at the Nova reserve area (ok, there were about 5-6 dozen). Then they started streaming in; the Nova Roller Derby season winners. A very colorful group of roller derby players. They were funny! And friendly as all can be. As we got up to head to our next stop of the night, the girls stopped us and told us we had to eat cupcakes. I tell you what, I LOVE cupcakes but I was full on the (4) Hoppier Places I had. I told them I would be seeing them next season! NOVA Roller Derby


PS: As always, drive safe or Uber!