December 21

40′ Somethings, Old Bust Head, and a Smooth Pour

Old Bust Head Brewing Company – Warrenton, Virginia

What a great time with friends at Old Bust Head Brewing Company in Warrenton, Virginia! My friends, avid drinkers and sh*t talkers in their 40’s, had visited Old Bust Head numerous times before tonight and had only great things to say. My expectations were high.

Old Bust Head is about an hour from DC and 30 minutes from Falls Church. Close enough for me to visit again IF it turns out to be a great brewery and tasty brew. I visited at night so I didn’t get to see what surrounded the area outside the housing area it was adjacent to (nice houses!). The brewery was in a long narrow building; not the warehouses I have been visiting lately.

Old Bust Head’s location is prime Northern Virginia real estate, and it shows. The entire set up is professional and attracts a clientele from the Apple Mac Book browsing businessman to families with little ones to tattoo laden twenty-somethings to us; the forty-year-old crew (not quite the “Wild Hogs” types). It was a nice mix for Sunday night during the holiday season.img_0054

Now…. BEER! My first choice for any brewery is a Double India Pale Ale (DIPA). The first contact I had was with the Masters of Brew (i.e. the tenders of the bar…bartenders…tapster…). They are the true impression of any establishment, and I am glad they did not let me down; real friendly staff, open to outsiders. I asked for the best DIPA on tap. They pointed me to the Certain Swagger Unfiltered Double India Pale Ale (DIPA) 7.9% ABV with a 12-oz. pour.

img_0057Writing has completely changed my drinking experience. I was feeling excited. Like, wo.  I sipped. Nothing artificial about this. The Certain Swagger DIPA was BIG…had flavor and not acidic at all. The DIPA from Old Bust Head in three words…. rich, fresh and assertive. I enjoyed it. My next visit I will be getting a growler.

The crew I was with mentioned Nitrogen infused beer. Hmmm, been drinking Guinness for years with the Nitrogen charge but not a craft brew*. Nitrogen makes a beer smoother, non-acidic or bitter. I asked the beer master at the bar if they had a Nitro charged beer; they pointed me to the Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout, Nitro Pour 10% ABV.

Thanks, Old Brew Head, now I am intrigued by your Nitro charged Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout. It was smooth. Throw out any papery taste or feel…it was a fresh pour with a taste that stuck. Non-acidic. You would think a Russian Imperial stout would be easy and lack bitterness. It was a true taste implosion. I loved it. I want more and will be back.img_0058

Old Bust Head is worth more than a visit. It’s worth following and learning what they offer for everyone. I’ll be back for a growler and beers. And most of all for good company.