December 23

Kraken, the Rum of Writing

An academic. I’m not sure growing up anyone would ever classify me as an academic. In my small New Jersey town, you would typically find me in a field on a Friday or Saturday drinking cheap beer with good friends talking a massive amount of sh*t. My grades were not stellar at all, quite frankly, I barely scraped by…my mind was always all over the place. I must suffice to say that I had a lot going on back then in my personal life. Nobody and nothing could keep me focused on school work. It took me a couple of years to find focus only after a catalyst …at 20, I enlisted in the United States Army and a certain focus came to the forefront of who I am.

Flash forward 20 years. At 40 years -old I embarked on a journey (cliché) to earn a doctorate. For the past few years, I have been writing a paper upon paper. One way I’ve kraken-fbeen getting through writing is having a few sips (or more) of Kraken Rum. Hence, the term “writing rum” was born. Kraken is just a real smooth and “happy” spirit (bet you never heard that term for rum before). Kraken is fair priced; you get an expensive taste for a mid-price. Kraken is 94 proof so watch out how much you drink.

The doctoral writing appeared to open my thinking process, but I would preface that this happened a few years earlier. Bear with me on this one. Adrenaline comes in many forms. Before I ended up on the Beltway working a desk, I was deployed to Iraq and before that assigned to proactive counter-narcotics group. Both experiences gave me an outlet to burn off adrenaline. Writing fills that “burn off” for me now, it gives me an outlet**.

This website gives me the outlet now. The doctorate will give me a title. My experiences give me real knowledge. And my Kraken, my Kraken is my writing rum. My next step is to convey this 25 years of experiences into words to help others.

Note: Drink smart and Uber.

* Jim Johnson was always a character we talked about. A fictitious man with an awesome name.