December 25

Breakfast Beer and Christmas Movies

Some would say my mind is like a roving Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Ever since I can remember, I had absorbed movies like they were food; from when we got our first VCR (for the young ones, that is a Video Cassette Recorder) to downloading movies to my iPad for a long trip. Especially anything by Michael Mann (Heat & Miami Vice) to David Mamet (Spartan & Red Belt) to Cameron Crowe (Singles & Say Anything).

One thing that always stuck in my mind growing up is going to the movies on Christmas Day. It was a special treat. One day that my whole family was together and could enjoy the escape of a newly released movie evading life’s everyday crises and enjoying a shared experience as a family. Thirty years later I enjoyed that experience with my kids.

The movie experience had changed since when I was a kid. Now you can reserve your seats, order gourmet food, and drink a tasty beverage; while enjoying a movie in the comfort of a theater. Nothing like ordering a bucket of cold beer with a side of truffle infused Mac N Cheese. Wow.

I visited my favorite local “gourmet” movie theater today, the Angelika Film Center & Cafe at Mosaic*. Angelika is situated in the trendy Merrifield area, up and coming as some would say. Angelika keeps it cool. Without going full hipster, it keeps itself grounded while catering to all types from me (the older tattooed type) to hipsters to seniors to groups of kids.stosk-engelika

Angelika is a semi-chain. Meaning they have six locations from New York City to San Diego to Texas to two locations in our NOVA area not anything like an AMC or Regal. They play an assortment of mainstream and trendy movies to classics, to my generation, like Fight Club & Goonies.

One beer. I wanted to purely enjoy one beer today. Angelika has an excellent mix of craft beer; Double IPA’s to Oats to Stouts from the NOVA area and beyond. This was a tough call for me; they had my absolute favorite on tap; Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA). It was noonish (OK, it was 11:45AM) so I decided to go with a breakfast beer, the Founders Brewing’s Breakfast Stout, Double Chocolate Coffee Oatmeal Stout. Great choice, it didn’t have a strong chocolaty hint, it was dark, it was…breakfast love. One was enough, no need for a full bucket.

Note: It was Christmas Day. I’ve worked Christmas before plenty of times as a soldier or in law enforcement. I must give the Angelika crew some kudos; they were super friendly and professional. And they whipped up a great batch of Mac N Cheese. They are friendly every time.