January 05

The Yards. On the Road to Philly


Beer and the Beltway (me) took a road trip to our Nation’s birthplace and decided to check out the craft beer scene. This trip was an eye opener to what Philly had to offer and the only real offering for this trip was the Yards. This was a short trip. Sightseeing plans were made. Beer was a factor.

I lived in Philly for a while before heading off to the Beltway life but never checked out camposcraft brew. Our traveling crew wanted a great cheesesteak which brought us to Campo’s* in Old City. Campo’s, to me a professional eater, is one of the best “real” Philly cheesesteak establishments around. They have been around decades for a reason; their food is delicious. What did it for me was the selection of Yards Brewing Company beers on hand; the IPA was my brew of choice. An ice-cold IPA and an original cheesesteak…. nothing more to say.

True craft beer is produced with a passion and in the case of the Yards…Philadelphia brotherly love. The Yards Brewing Company** has been around since its inception in 1994. In 1994, two great friends started a brewery in the Philly area. Since then they grew their brewery into a Regional Brewery pushing out 45,000 barrels of true craft beer a year. Craft at 45,000 barrels? Yes, to this untrained, beer swigging, writer.

The bottled IPA from Yards hit the spot (7.0% ABV). Smooth and flavorful. Very easy, no acidic aftertaste. Love it for a non-Double India Pale Ale (DIPA). Did they change my mind? Can I enjoy a non-DIPA; um, yes, I can.

Coincidentally my local friends invited me to the Yards’ tasting room. I cabbed over to the Yards and took in the sights. The Yards is located in the Philly city limits about a five minute cab drive from Old City. The location is perfect for a Philly brewery with that local city feel.

My first beer was the Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale (8.0% ABV). Real smooth andjenny-yards balanced. No particular taste was bold.

Our server was incredibly thomas-jeff-yardsnice (Jenny I believe). She answered all our questions and was immediately helpful. Great service kicks a**!

Next stop, the Golden Hop IPA (6.0% ABV). A slight citrus taste but still not acidic. Such a good strong taste. Two beers concluded my tour of the Yards. I will be back next time in the Philly area. Uber was my friend and I headed back to my crew in Old City (now that’s a story for another day).

Note: Do I ever give a bad review? I do, but not publicly. To my friends. My philosophy is not to be a “judge.” This same trip I visited a regional sized brewery near Harrisburg, PA. I had a bad experience. It was a large “craft” brewery, overcrowded with unexceptional service. I tried their IPA; it was rough, left a bad taste in my mouth. The brewery was set up to appeal to the one-step-up from Budweiser crew, and I had a feeling if I had more than one brew I would get the same Budweiser headache. While I love hops; I don’t enjoy the overpowering hops smell this brewery had.