March 17

Yelp Elite 2017! Beer and the Beltway is on the Map!

I’ve been knocking out Yelp reviews, posting pics, and checking-in in tons of places the past few years.  When I started this page I decided to go full tilt on my Yelp reviews.  I was selected as a Yelp Elite this year.

What is a Yelp Elite?  The Yelp site states “The Yelp Elite Squad is our way of recognizing people who are active in the Yelp community and role models on and off the site. Elite-worthiness is based on a number of things, including well-written reviews, high quality tips, a detailed personal profile, an active voting and complimenting record, and a history of playing well with others”.

Look for my reviews this year by following my on Yelp.