March 31

I started volunteering.  Volunteering with a Veteran organization that has one mission; get our Veterans hired.  How did I get here? I have been looking for a volunteer position for a long time.  I looked at myself and tried to figure out what I am really good at.  Well, getting a job (as evidenced in my varied and “storied” career).

A couple weeks ago I listened to a podcast by Jocko Willink, ex-Navy Seal and all around great guy, when he interviewed Brian Stann, the Chief Executive Officer of Hire Heroes.  Brian is a decorated Marine and UFC commentator.  I felt a passion in their words.  How Brian talked of his Iraq experiences and leadership.  Then he went on to talk of Hire Heroes USA.  It resonated in me.  It hit deep inside me.  How could I give back to my fellow Veterans like they both are (Jocko and Brian)?  Well, one thing I know about it jobs and how to get them.

The very next day I emailed Hire Heroes USA (after doing my due diligence of checking their credibility; they are HIGH).  I was contacted that day and was interviewed later in the week to see if/where I fit in.

The interview was great.  A two way conversation where I could “toot my own horn” and tell them how great I am with federal hiring (ok, it wasn’t that bad but I was excited).  The coordinator must have thought I was suitable and designated me as a bona fide volunteer.  I was happy, is that the right word.  Was this the first time since the War that I could give back to my fellow Veterans?

Fast forward to tonight: I have my very first “client” tonight with Hire Heroes USA. I’m excited. For once in a long time I feel excited. Excited to  maybe change a life. If anyone knows me they know I am passionate about jobs-hiring-career. But not in a way that I will claw my way over my peers to get to the top (at least I hope I’m not perceived that way). I am passionate about letting others know what is out there so they can make a change in their lives; to find a job; so they can pay their bills, have a career, move in a positive direction. And most of all, is to help my fellow veterans.