Hire a Vet via Hire Heroes USA!

Hire Heroes USAs Job Board is a great way for employers to get connected with military members, veterans and military spouses. Nearly 7,000 job-ready, geographically-dispersed veterans and military spouses have resumes in our job board database.Hire Heroes USA offers job posting packages and recruiter packages at varying price points. All packages come with unlimited access to our resume database for the duration of the package. Recruiter packages grant access to our database without posting a job.

via Hire Heroes USA Job Board

In my recent blog post I discussed volunteering with Hire Heroes USA.  After my post on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter several readers reached out about hiring veterans.

I reached out to the professionals from Hire Heroes to discuss how I could point businesses in the right direction for hiring veterans.  Hire Heroes has a job board (full disclosure: it costs a fee of $200 to post a tailor made job; think of how much it would costs for a classified add online, pricey!!!) and also a place for recruiters to search resumes.

So, you’re a business with 2 employees or a corporation with a thousand employees; consider checking out the resumes or posting on the job board. Hire a vet!

FAQ from Hire Heroes USA: https://jobs.hireheroesusa.org/pages/6060-faq